Why Dio Ruled

Dio was the inventor of the horns synonymous with metal and rock around the world. He invented musical masterpieces such as “Holy Diver” and helped make Black Sabbath after Ozzy Osbourne was thrown out of the band. Along with working with bands like Rainbow and his own solo act, Dio gave a lot of music to the world and was a voice known to everyone. It was a stronger and much more known voice in the musical world than pretty much anyone else. Always known for putting the fans first, Dio was a rock god.

The god that Dio was, is no longer with us but his music shall live on in every metalhead around the world. If you don’t know Dio, you don’t know metal.

Rest in peace Ronnie, you’ll never be forgotten. May you blow the mind of everyone wherever you are with your lungs of steel!


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I'm a fun-loving 18 year old Student from the sunny shores of Scotland! I love almost all kinds of metal and rock and always looking for new bands. A website designer as well as wanting to do journalism, I can be contacted about anything and everything on either Twitter or by Email.

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