Why Journey said no to X-Factor

Originally the winner of the 2009 UK talent show the X-Factor (which you lucky individuals in the US will have your own version of soon) was to release a cover of Journeys hit song Don’t Stop Believing but when Simon Cowell asked the band if they could release it, there was nothing more than a “no” as a response.

The song was performed live on the show on two occasions by Joe McElderry, who did go on to win the show, but during the comments after performances, Simon Cowell once stated that “the song is unknown and you really made it your own.”

Journey previewed a new arrangement to the song that Cowell wanted to go with but the band stated that “there was nothing wrong with the original. If it’s not busted, let’s not fix it.”

Thankfully Journey had the sense to turn him down and due to it, Cowell had to turn to Miley Cyrus for his karaoke cover release hit, which for the first time in 4-5 years, was not the Christmas number 1, as real musicians took the spot, Rage Against the Machine.


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