Within Temptation announce second single and special remixes

Roadrunner Records and Within Temptation are pleased to announce that the irresistible, fan-favourite track “Sinéad” has been chosen as the second single from their successful new album “The Unforgiving”.

It is the beginning of a new era for Within Temptation. With undeniable disco grooves, the band took this opportunity to further enhance the track’s dance floor appeal; commissioning special remixes from four acclaimed dance producers. Already triumphant in rock and metal, Within Temptation now experiment further with the extremes of rock and dance, merging these seemingly disparate genres to create contagious new versions of “Sinéad”!

Sharon den Adel, front woman of Within Temptation, became known to the international dance community in 2008 when she joined forces with Armin van Buuren (ranked # 1 DJ in the world), co-writing and performing Van Buuren’s track “In And Out Of Love”. This hit single ambushed charts around the world, notching up a staggering 90 million views on YouTube and blurring the lines between rock, dance, pop, and metal music in an unprecedented way.

Each of the collaborating DJ producers had carte blanche to reinterpret “Sinéad” to suit their preferred style and personal vision. The result is a stunning and inventive set of mixes for an already outstanding song.

Internationally reputed Benno De Goeij delivers a sparkling trance radio mix. De Goeij is best known for his work with Dutch superstar DJs Tiesto and Armin van Buuren. He also was involved in the chart-smashing collaboration “In And Out Of Love” between Sharon den Adel and Armin van Buuren. Benno de Goeij: ”Having worked with Sharon’s voice in the past, it was a pleasure to do it again for such an epic track as “Sinéad”.”

Scooter, one of Germany’s most successful techno groups abroad, are no strangers to Within Temptation. H.P.Baxxter, the charismatic frontman of Scooter, asked in 2008 to sample Sharon den Adel’s voice for one of their singles. Scooter’s signature mix pumps 100% adrenalin into “Sinéad”. Scooter: ”Sharon’s voice and the bombastic rock of Within Temptation are a truly unique mixture. It was a pleasure for us to contribute!”
Irish/ British future pop duo VNV Nation has contributed a stylish, electro-industrial mix. VNV Nation is one of the most innovative groups in the international electro EBM scene. VNV Nation and Within Temptation will share the stage at the M’era Luna Festival in August – the biggest European Festival for dark and industrial music. VNV Nation: “On the first listen, the hair on my neck stood on end and I couldn’t get this song out of my head for days. This song makes your soul want to sing along. Sharon’s voice always sounds incredible but,on this track, it reaches a whole new level of beautiful, intense, and fragile emotion.”
One of Groove Coverage’s strengths is the ability to find the perfect balance between melancholy and power. Many of their hit mixes – such as their cover of Alice Cooper’s “Poison” – are internationally known. Groove Coverage: “When we heard “Sinéad” for the first time, there was no doubt we wanted to remix this great track.”

With their latest international Top 10 album “The Unforgiving”, Within Temptation has captured the attention of a far bigger and broader audience than ever before. Choosing to release “Sinéad” as the follow-up to hit single “Faster” underlines the band’s ambition to break down the walls between musical genres. “Sinéad” is the most catchy song Within Temptation have ever written; a euphoric disco-metal stomper with the potential to become the ultimate crossover-hit on the dance floors this summer.


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