Wolverine check in from the studio

Wolverine have released updates from the studio from the recording of their new album which you can read below.

Studio progress (30th June)

Work in the studio has finally started to run more smoothly. We had two days of technical issues that prevented us from recording properly. However, I’ve now completed three songs and they sound amazing. It’s such a blessing to work with Oliver Philipps. Not only is he a genious when it comes to musical arrangements but he’s also a dear friend which makes it all so much more enjoyable. /Stefan Zell

Title track recorded! (1st July)

The title track, “Communication Lost”, was recorded yesterday and it sounds great! It’s a pretty heavy and epic track that surely will fit nicely in future setlists¬†/Stefan Zell

Done for today… (1st July)

We laid down vocals for “In the quiet of dawn”, a song that we wrote three or four years ago. It went down just perfect so we also had time to re-record the choruses for the song we started this whole vocal session with. Some of the bandmembers weren’t thrilled about the vocal approach on it but now it should definitely please everyone involved. Only three songs to go…/Stefan Zell


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