Updated: You just don’t mess with Otep Shamaya

At a recent Otep performance, a fan in the crowd, prior to the band kicking into their next song, shouted “Take it off” to Otep Shamaya.

To many of us, not sure about you but I know myself, she isn’t a women I would want to get on the wrong side of and after this fan asked her to “Take it off”, they could a nice little bit of abuse and ruined the night for everyone present.

The band cut their set short by 3 songs and it would appear from comments relating to the night that it came down to the fan in the crowd causing issues.


Thanks to the comment from Janie below, the reason the set was cut short was due to problems with Otep’s vocal cords after such an extensive tour.


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2 Responses to “Updated: You just don’t mess with Otep Shamaya”

  1. I was there at this show. the band didnt cut the set short because of that idiot. OTEP would never punish the rest of us for someone else. What I heard from the stage guy was that the set was cut short due to Otep’s throat. She was sick and had a vocal cord polyp thing due to 18 shows in a row with no day off. It was still a great show!

  2. Thanks for your comment, I have updated the post there as it is was the information available at the time.

    Glad to hear it was still a great show overall. Have never seen the band myself but I would like to catch them at some point as I would imagine Otep would go all out for fans.