Album: DevilDriver – Beast

Next week, the fifth DevilDriver album ‘Beast’ hits the shelves and it is hotly anticipated by many a metal fan as what could potentially be an album of the year.

Let me start by first talking about what happened on the last DevilDriver album. On ‘Pray For Villains’ lead singer Dez Fafara proved he’s not just a screaming down the microphone growling vocalist but can also play belt out some tunes with a bit of a harmony.

DevilDriver BeastNow, don’t get me wrong DevilDriver are one of the best bands for aggression and I love it, but having heard the change I was expecting more of the same on ‘Beast’.

How wrong I was. The opening track, ‘Dead To Rights’, is an old school DevilDriver onslaught of riffage and powerful drum blasts. It’s great, it helps you get straight into the album and gives a great sense of power from the get go.

This trend continues through the next few songs and although good, it gets kind of tiring. You just want a few minutes of not quite calm, but something a bit more melodic such as ‘Another Night In London’ from ‘Pray For Villains’, which although heavy seemed to have a melodic feel to it, well it does to me.

But that moment never comes. The album is 14 songs of pure brutality, and as much as usually I’d be the first to comment that this is a great thing, it’s just not what I anticipated from this album, and as one of the people who was hotly anticipating this album, I have to admit I was slightly disappointed.

This does not mean I don’t like the album, and the tracks should translate well to a live setting if the band is still only playing for an hour or so on headline tours, but they need a few more “softer” heavy songs before they’ll be able to properly propel themselves up on festival bills or playing longer headline shows.

Rating – 6/10.

Beast is released via Roadrunner Records on February 21st (UK) or the 22nd February (US/Rest of World)


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