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Album Review: 10 Years- Feeding the Wolves

I have followed 10 years for about two years ever since I saw them open for Shinedown in Philadelphia, PA. I was immediately impressed and could not stop listening to their songs (in particular ‘Drug of Choice’ and ‘Russian Roulette’).  However after a couple of months the band was put on the back burner of my musical selection and I only occasionally listened to 10 years.

10 Years Feeding The Wolves ArtworkLittle did I know that a little over a year later, 10 Years would come out with an album that was not only catchy but had a dark feeling to it almost as if it were written by some mad genius locked away in an asylum. Well at least the first three songs have this feeling. ‘Shoot It Out’ is probably one of the best opening tracks on a hard rock album since Shinedown’s ‘Devour’.  Starting with an eerie muted riff and slow drum beat, ‘Shoot it out’ is the bands cry to end suffering. I’ll once again make the reference to the mad genius locked in the asylum, begging for death or some kind of resolution that can be made to his maddening life.

The rest of the album stays dark, but not quite as haunting as the opening track is.  In fact it begins to lighten up a bit with a rock balled, ‘One More Day’. Mixing electric, rock elements with a settling acoustic riff, the fourth track on the album is a bit of a letdown on the album. It comes directly after three of the heavier tracks making it almost a buzz kill. I will say it is a beautifully written song; however I do feel it was put on too early in the record.

One element that fans will love that the band kept is the chorus. I began listening to 10 Years because I heard the chorus to, ‘Drug of Choice’ and it stuck. The choruses on ‘Feeding the Wolves’ remains just as well written as they have been on the band’s past records. One song that sticks out with (in my opinion) the best chorus on the record is, ‘Fix Me’. Followed by a great bridge, ‘Fix Me’ seems as if vocalist,  Jesse Hasek, really wanted to make a statement with this song about the life he chose to live (of course this is all speculation and I am not sure of Mr. Hasek’s lyrical intentions). Whether it be ballad speed, or set to the pace of a heavier song, 10 Years’s choruses are probably the strongest aspect of the album.

Musically the album is nearly perfect. The melodies fit with each chord progression, the voice fits the music and the music fits the voice. A fair amount of bass can be heard throughout this record, which as an amateur bassist pleases me.  Each beat of the drum completes all other aspects of the instruments and vice versa. As far as tone, progression and melody go each song will take you to a different place.

I remember when I took a music course in high school my teacher would lecture us on the effect of silence during a performance. I would watch it work for the piano players and cringe as it would fail for myself as well as the other guitar players. 10 Years have managed to make silence work wonderfully while Hasek sings creating a moment where all tension built up in the song is gone; ‘Fix Me’ is a wonderful example of this release of tension. The silence works well with the style of music that 10 years has chosen to create.

My only complaint with this album is one that I have for many bands. The song structure doesn’t make much of a change throughout the record. Most rock bands seem to be stuck in this verse, bridge, chorus repeat pattern; one pattern which 10 Years has stuck with throughout their career. I feel that there should be some kind of rock n roll breakdown to break the monotony. I recognise that it would be genre switching to incorporate some more components to a song  but it would make for an interesting listen.

Overall, ‘Feeding the Wolves’ is a great record and by far 10 Years best effort yet. They are currently on the Carnival of Madness tour with Shinedown, Chevelle, Puddle of Mud and Sevendust. ‘Feeding the Wolves ‘comes out 31 August.

Rating – 8


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