3 Inches Of Blood

Album Review: 3 Inches of Blood – Long Live Heavy Metal

Cam Pipes definitely has a distinctive voice, and as ‘Metal Woman’ rolls in, that falsetto vocal hits you hard and pierces your very skull. I must say that I’m not really a fan of the style, but this man rocks that pitch with substance. Classic heavy metal is what 3IOB’s newest record ‘Long Live Heavy Metal’ is offering and they deliver. ‘My Sword Will Not Sleep’ is a nice galloping metal track but sadly offers nothing new. However, ‘Leather Lord’ comes swinging in and that changes. It’s fast but hard hitting, some harsher vocals make a nice appearance and the diversity in vocals on this track works to 3IOB’s advantage. It sounds like the best track Judas Priest never released.

3 Inches Of Blood Long Live Heavy Metal Artwork‘Chief And The Blade’ provides an instrumental lull in the album, which flows into ‘Dark Messenger’ swiftly. This is a track for the headbangers and it displays the technical ability of the band well with some great guitar work in the middle of the track. The speed increases as ‘Look Out’ and ‘4000 Torches’ smash in. Overall, the bass work in this record is immense and I found that having so much emphasis on it really improves the overall sound for the 3IOB style. In ‘Leave It On The Ice’, the vocals just seem a bit off kilter with the music casino spiele itself, which casino online is a shame casino online because musically this track is probably the best on the album. Atmosphere by the bucket load is thrown upon us for ‘Die For Gold (Upon The Boiling Sea IV)’ as the track seems to build in pace, Pipes vocals suiting this volleying pace a lot better. A few segments of the track sound like straight up NWOBHM and that is a brilliant element of 3IOB’s style. An anthem for the 2012 Olympics if there ever was one. ‘Storming Juno’ thunders along, displaying those contrasting vocals again and showing just how good this band can be. The highlight of ‘Men of Fortune’ is in the middle of the track where it falls to just vocals and guitar for a while and it is beautiful. For all the warriors, ‘One For The Ditch’ sounds like a battle song, one they would play as everyone rides to their imminent doom, but it sounds rather good.

They may not be the best metal band around, but my god they are quite unique. A fairly decent album all in all.

Rating – 7


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