Album Review: 77 – 21st Century Rock

‘77 may be an unknown name too many but the Spanish band know exactly what music they want to make. Lead by the Valeta brothers, ‘77 wish to bring back the golden era of seventies rock that they love but it may be hard for fans to accept their style, a style which resembles one of the biggest names from that era and also features iconic brothers.

Yes I am talking about no other than AC/DC. ‘77 don’t hide the fact they are working off the trademarked sound that only AC/DC are allowed, in everyone’s ears, to play but ‘77 are looking to bring the Bon Scott era back and reproduce that sound in today’s market.

77 Album ArtworkI find it extremely difficult not to make a comparison to AC/DC in every word I write but ‘21st Century Rock’ is an album that I find hard to fault apart from the obvious similarities in sound.

‘21st Century Rock’ has a perfect classic rock sound with pounding drums and those never forgettable hard rock riffs that you would never get tired of blasting from your speakers. The album ticks all the boxes for what can only be regarded as an impressive debut which makes you want more.

The album has a number of a songs that will just catch you when you listen for the first time such as ‘Gimmie Rock N’ Roll’, ‘Big Smoker Pig’, ‘Your Game’s Over’, ‘Let The Children Hear Rock N’ Roll’ and ‘Double Tongue Woman’.

Overall this album doesn’t have one bad song; building on one after another, it starts high and remains high, just like a great album should. You will be tapping your foot throughout and find yourself moving to the sound while you forget who you are listening to.

’77 would benefit from an injection of originality to their sound to help them take a step out of the shadow of what a lot of people will state as a rip off or clone band of AC/DC but the band are making their mark with this debut and only bigger and better things can come from a strong debut.

If you are an AC/DC fan then I would suggest giving ’77 a try, they are worth experiencing.

With a multiple record deal signed with Listenable Records we can only expect more classic seventies style rock with that iconic AC/DC vibe. [8]

‘21st Century Rock’ will be released on May 10th throughout Europe on Listenable Records.

1. Gimme Rock N’ Roll
2. Hardworking Liar
3. Big Smoker Pig
4. Shake It Up
5. Wicked Girl
6. Your Game’s Over
7. Less Talk (Let’s Rock)
8. Let The Children Hear Rock N Roll
9. Double Tongue Woman
10. 21st Century Rock

Armand Valeta – Frontman & Guitar
LG Valeta – Lead Guitar
Johnnie T. Riot – Drums
Mr. Raw – Bass


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