Album Review: A Day Overdue – Secrets

Remember that sound that of Blink-182 crossed with a pop-synth vibe? No of course you don’t, it’s the sound of A Day Overdue and I have to say, as much as its not unique, it’s not far off it.

There are real moments that make you think Blink-182esque to moments that remind me of some much softer alt-rock acts such as the new Good Charlotte.

With pure emotion behind the lyrics and music skill commonly unfounded in the streets of Edinburgh, ADO has really created a stellar first full album.

Now I personally am not a huge fan of the pop-punk scene but I have always respected it, but this time, I really like what I’m hearing and I honestly can’t wait to hear more.

My only problem with the album is the vocals are maybe just dampened with studio techniques a little too much; they just don’t have the raw sound to them that would just set this album off as an amazing first attempt. Instead it’s just a really good first attempt.

If you’re in the Edinburgh area or just have access to purchasing online, make sure you do pick up this album, it is a great piece of musical prowess.

Also if you can, make sure to catch the band on tour in the UK later this year. All dates are on their MySpace.

Rating – 7.5/10


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