Album Review: Aborted – Global Flatline

Aborted can do something that many death metal bands fail to: they can create an incredible amount of speed within their songs, whilst still maintaining the intensity – a brilliant weapon in their arsenal. So when this band returned with ‘Global Flatline’, fans of the genre should have got excited. Especially since they have new blood in the band, they recorded with the genius Jacob Hansen and they had a few brilliant guest vocalists (including Misery Index’s Jason Netherton), it just sounds brilliant.

A film reel whirls the opener ‘Omega Mortis’ into play before you are thrown into the title track ‘Global Flatline’. Sven delivers his vocals with true ferocity and he shows how diverse a death metal vocalist can really be with some of the cleaner vocals showcasing just how adaptable he is. An absolutely killer scream thrusts ‘The Origin Of Disease’ open, the drumwork is phenomenal – as is the Aborted Global <a href=dgfev online casino Flatline Artwork” title=”Aborted Global Flatline Artwork” width=”300″ height=”300″ class=”alignleft size-medium wp-image-30525″ />bass – the true back bone of this record, which thunders along.

This band fully utilise sound bytes within their tracks and they have such a brilliant effect. ‘What is today’s agenda? Ah yes, evisceration’ as the intro to ‘Coronary Reconstruction’ paves the way for its brutal assault. Aborted like their song titles to be as unpleasant as possible, as ‘Fecal Forgery’ and ‘Of Scabs And Boils’ prove, as they grind their way through. The guitar work in ‘Fecal Forgery’ is worth a mention because the riffs are just stupidly enthralling. Out of the shroud of brutality, an insane amount of groove comes online casino charging out of ‘Vermicular, Obscene, Obese’ and it works perfectly. Heavy and ferocious comes ‘Expurgation Eurphoria’ and then ‘From A Tepid Whiff’ rolls in and showcases some of my favourite vocals on the full album, it sounds absolutely slicing. The drum work on this album is phenomenal, quite simply, ‘The Kallinger Theory’ has those thundering bass drum kicks which are just relentless. As filthy as the name, ‘Our Father, Who Art Of Feces’ comes along and chips away at you piece by piece with some very nice solo’s. Time signature mayhem erupts in ‘Grime’ before the slowest track on the album ‘Endstille’ wraps it all up in a nice brutal burst.

I am generally not a big fan of death metal, but Aborted have won me over. ‘Global Flatline’ is incredible and will pretty much destroy your brain.

Rating – 9


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