Album Review: Alexx Calise – In Avanti

There are far too many artists/bands that believe to become a star all you simply have to do is come up with a name, record a demo, copy over a hundred CD’s and mail them to labels and wait for the moment when you are signed. As we all know this just doesn’t happen, you have to prove your worth and that is exactly what Alexx Calise has certainly done.

Like many of you, I had never came across Alexx until she contacted me last month but for many years this independent female rock singer, guitarist and song writer has been making her name in the United States. As of this moment her music is in heavy rotation on several MTV/VH1 reality television programs with her song ‘Morning Pill’ was used in a promotional video for the popular television show “One Tree Hill”. Having toured all over the United States Alexx has a real driven passion for the music she creates and it shows in her performance.

Alexx Calise PictureAlexx’s music is rock but she adds pop and a mix of electronic here and there to offer a little more and it works very well, in fact a lot better than I ever imagined. Before I hit play on this album I did my usual research to find out more about Alexx and to discover a little about her fans like I do with all new artists/bands I come across and when I discovered the pop/electronic mix I was naturally a little weary as to how this album would play with my usual tastes. My tastes are apparent to the regular EspyRock readers, especially as recently I described a pop rock album was “beige” but when I got into the album I have to admit I was thoroughly enjoying what I was listening to.

Alexx truly proves her rock edge on this album as it’s first and foremost an alternative rock album that picks up a great variation through the use of pop and electronic elements. The albums opening song ‘Anything Goes’ fuses electronic with rock to showcase a real upbeat, let’s get up and dance feel before ‘Break Me’ focuses purely on the powerful rocker that is within.

‘Cry’, a tender and open moment for the album which showcases the vocal talent of Alexx before the mix kicks back in with ‘Get Used To It’, a song title which is relevant to Alexx’s career, as she will be around for a long time so get used to it. ‘Good Enough (The Dirty South Mix)’ and ‘My Song (Version 2.0)’ both come in with lots of energy with dance elements on top of the attitude from Alexx.

The album is coming to a close with ‘Out Of Sight’, ‘Saying Goodbye’ and ‘See You Again’ which give you a nice run down to the end of the album with an emotive performance, a powerful return to the heavier rock and a perfectly built radio friendly anthem which could easily match a lot of the pop rock songs controlling the US airwaves.

After listening to the album several times I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. The album is full of variation so you are never on a one track path or feel as if you’re going to get bored and it’s certainly very catchy. I have listened to a lot of albums recently were I have found myself just switching off as at no stage do the band make an effort to explore their sound. A lot new and up and coming bands are happy just to stick to one idea and create an album with ten to eleven similar songs with the hope if you like one, you will like them all but Alexx has gave fans something new with every song and you may be surprised, like myself, as to what this album will do.

Coming in at thirty two minutes, yes it can be seen as a little short but Alexx has no need to go longer, her music and message was delivered in that period. With the few emails I have exchanged with Alexx, the passion and commitment towards her music is evident and she can only go forward in her career to bigger and better things.

Rating – 8


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