Album Review: Arma Gathas – Dead To This World

With a lineup as stellar as this, Arma Gathas was never going to be a complete disappointment. After all, guitarist Simon Füllemann (Cataract, Mine, Damage ID, Armicide), vocalist Che Snelting (Born From Pain), lead guitarist Marc Niedersberg (Machinemade God, Cornelius) and drummer Max van Winkelhof (Disloyal) have all earned their spurs in spectacular fashion in years gone past. So it’s no surprise then that ‘Dead To This World’ is a fabulous record.

Arma Gathas Dead To This WorldShort intro and a few instrumental interludes aside, this is a record very firmly rooted in the Hatebreed vein of hardcore-meets-metal, and it takes no prisoners. Whether it’s opener ‘The Rise And Fall’, ‘New Saviour’, ‘Generation Doom’, or the plodding ‘Our Final Breath – Our Last Goodbye’, the entire record pummels you into submission with its down-tuned riffs, supercharged drumming and enraged howls courtesy of Snelting. Lyrics tend to revolve around the familiar themes of the follies of man and the price he will pay for them.

One criticism of the record is that it gets repetitive and songs tend to merge into each other unless you’re paying close attention. But then again, each song has been written to seamlessly blend with the next, so it seems this was exactly what the band intended. Indeed, at 36 minutes, the record hardly overstays its welcome.

You could criticise ‘Dead To This World’ for a lack of original ideas or repetitiveness, but to do so would be to miss the point. This isn’t a thinking man’s metal record, and it was never meant to be. This is a moshalicious slab of metalcore, and it delivers that with aplomb. Just hit play and headbang your troubles away…[7]


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