Album Review: Biohazard – Reborn In Defiance

Those of you in the know will already realise how Biohazard used to be pretty damn incredible and massive. One of the main runners is the hardcore/metal scene and then things didn’t go quite so well for a bit. However, 2012 release ‘Reborn In Defiance’ is an absolute beast.

‘9:IIIX6.941’ kicks everything off, with a mix mash of songs and a heartbeat echoing over the top before it descends into chaos. It may well be Evan Seinfeld’s last record with Biohazard, but as he rips into ‘Vengeance Is Mine’ you would have never thought there was any chance of him leaving. This song is fast and heavy; the drum work is so thundering but crisp and clean. A guitar solo being featured only a minute into the song is a strange idea but it flows so well. Whilst Biohazard have never been lyrically proficient, it really does not matter when they can throw out so many hooks and chants for a crowd to pick up on. This reminds me of Biohazard of yore, ‘State Of The World Address’ really comes through in these songs for me.

Biohazard Reborn In Defiance Artwork‘Decay’ stumbles along, grinding down upon best online casino you. The vocals on this song are incredible; the mix between the harsh and melodic blends perfectly. He really does have total control over his voice. They even add in a little arena rock feel with a ‘hey!’ refrain at a little interval, mental but brilliant. Billy and Evan’s vocals flow so well, a feature that makes Biohazard stand out from the typical hardcore bands. ‘Reborn’ gives a throwback to true hardcore tunes, and you can hear bands like Hatebreed who do the exact same thing, only Biohazard have their own spin on it. Resisting the urge to two-step all over my couch is quite difficult – this track takes you over and makes you want to move like a manic – I cannot wait to hear how this develops into a live track. ‘Killing Me’ grooves along nicely, lighter than the rest of the tracks albeit, but a good song all the same. ‘Countdown Doom’ swings and grinds, more of those trademark vocals shining through and ‘Come Alive’ keeps up this pace. It all slightly drops out the bottom with ‘Vows Of Redemption’, which proves a bit too slow and light, it sounds out of place on a Biohazard album, must the same can be said for ‘You Were Wrong’ sadly.

But ‘Waste Away’ is a mammoth song, it shakes around you round the head until you pay attention. The mostly aptly named track on the album ‘Skullcrusher’ comes along and does exactly what it says on the tin. Fast and thundering, this is what you want to hear from Biohazard. It flows perfectly into ‘Never Give In’, the intensity continues and the guitar work on this track makes you want to pump your fist in the air, it just hits the spot. I think it shows perfectly that older hardcore artists like Biohazard, Sick Of It All etc, won’t just fade out, they still have something to say and the instrumental closer of ‘Season The Sky’ just wraps it up.

Where they go from here we don’t know, will Biohazard succeed or fail without Evan? Let us wait and see.

Rating – 9


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