Album Review: Blessthefall – Awakening

When  Blessthefall’s new album ‘Awakening’ came out I jumped on the chance to review it. I’ve never loved them, but goddamn ‘To Hell and Back’ is a great song.  I thought that maybe if they could keep that same energy and heavy sound then they could be good.

‘Awakening’ however tries to sound like an As I Lay Dying record and fails miserably. There is nothing about this album that is particularly unique and it doesn’t sound like a record they were proud to release, merely made it to fufill the contract with their label. There is a lot less energy on ‘Awakening’ and Boken tries to scream and it doesn’t work out at all. He should stick to just singing and let bass player, Jared Warth, do the occasional scream.

The only original song on the album comes at the end. The 12 minute long ‘Meet Me at The Gates,’ includes more singing than screaming which is what they should have done throughout the whole album. It is a slower song that is more along the vein of Sleeping With Sirens sound. Something not completely original, but something they do better than some other bands.

But even the song that claims to be 12 minutes long only last for about six minutes than you’re forced to sit through four minutes of white noise before your hear a watered version of what sounds like a little girl singing ‘Amazing Grace’.

Really there’s only so many positive aspects to the album that it’s hard to pin-point them. A few songs are catchy. The second song on the album ‘Promised Ones’ begins with steady double bass and seems like it could make up for the piss poor intro ‘Awakening’ which is a minute and a half and gang vocals singing “We’re taking over.”

Beau Bokan Vocals are great and definitely not auto-tuned but other than that it isn’t anything special. The riffs are sub-par and the drumming doesn’t leave anything to be desired.  If you’re going to get a Blessthefall album then buy ‘Witness.’ It’s far better and doesn’t try to be one of the many As I Lay Dying records throughout the album.



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  1. Beau is not the screamer, he does not do any screams at all.. The bassist does that.
    Although he may be lead singer, the bassist Jared Warth does ALL of the screaming.