Brotherhood Of The Lake

Album Review: Brotherhood Of The Lake – Desperation Is The English Way Vol. 1

There’s nothing to mention here about their humble beginnings or small victories, because it was an eventuality that Brotherhood Of The Lake would smash their way into being heard. With ‘Desperation Is The English Way Vol. 1’, they don’t even need to step up the sound, because it’s going to push a few off the edge anyway.

Having opened for The Devil Wears Prada, Gallows and a few other big names, it’s about time this Plymouth five-piece shoved every other band aside and took their place under the spotlight. Their second album is dangerously brutal.

They’re popping veins, shouting their throats outBrotherhood Of The Lake Desperation Is The English Way Vol. 1 Artwork, and spreading the mood of gloom around. After the blistering opening tracks ‘It’s Meant To Hurt’ and ‘Hard To Bear’, they venture into dark acoustic sounds with ‘Black Hearts’ and ‘Black Knives’ before exploding into the frenzied track ‘The Desperation’. Robert Clark’s vocals immediately make clear that he means every word he says.

They keep it short and punchy as possible, literally. Their first video from the album ‘The World To Me’ definitely is as friendly as they would get sound-wise, of course. Still, it’s best to keep your balls out of reach for when you hear the breakdown.

I can’t remember the last time I had heard a band that was this pissed off, though their genre demands that kind of provocative destruction. It’s more than just a racket; not only does BOTL’s “audiohate” grab you by the throat, it wants you to do something about it. Everything about their brutal tunes exudes the rawest form of anger. Don’t blame them if you end up punching a hole in the wall.

While ‘Hosts’ probably sums up their sound best, ‘You’ll Never Dream’ leans towards the element of Norma Jean-meets-Converge. The comparisons to these bands can be made, but it’s their English nature that gives them the edge. To get this raged in Britain is a sign of the times to come, no doubt – socially and musically. Give it a few listens and it will probably become a proud addition to your shelf, deserving to sit between the best of hardcore and metal bands.

Rating: 10


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