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Album Review: Cherri Bomb – This is the End of Control

Remember rock music? The thing that came before the wubwub of dubstep and the middle-class-kid-gone-gangsta pollution that exudes from the radio these days? Cherri Bomb do. They’re here to remind you.

You may not have heard of them (yet), but this all-female group have raked up an impressive CV: last summer they rocked the festival circuit; they toured with Smashing Pumpkins before having a record deal; they supported the Foo Fighters, prompting Dave Grohl to call them “a real rock band.” No pressure on their debut album living up to the high-profile support, then.

Opener ‘Take This Now’ is engaging, if a little deceiving. Melodic, and strangely catchy for a song under a minute long, its simple rhythm and multi-layered harmonies pull you in with their subtleties. It’s a quiet intro, but it acts as a captivating crescendo as it segues into ‘Better This Way.’ A howl of guitar feedback, a “one, two, three, four!” intro and this is balls-to-the-wall rock and roll.

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There are riffs aplenty, snarled vocals, simple-yet-effective drumming and ample opportunity to headbang, air-guitar and raise those devil horns. And that’s just from one track.

‘Raw.Real.’ has an engaging staccato verse that leads into an arena-sized chorus, while ‘Sacrificial Lamb’ has an appropriately teasing-like riff that makes you wait before that full-band bite.

Every rock album worth its salt needs that song. The one where we slow it down for a minute or two, and ‘Heart is a Hole’ is here to give everyone the opportunity to swap that headbanging for heartfelt-howling. It may be the slowest song on offer here, but it is undoubtedly the biggest, and it rocks. Hard.

I’ve made a point in not mentioning that these girls are between the ages of 13-16. It’s irrelevant. It would be condescending to say “they are so talented for their age!” where as the truth is they are talented for any age. ‘Act The Part’ shows a world-weary knowledge of the entertainment industry that people three times their age have yet to accept. Closer ‘Hold On’ ends on that obligatory rock ‘n’ roll positive note – where you grab your mate and hold on to each other while swinging a beer about.

Their youth is irrelevant. Listen to those riffs, those drums, those melodies. It is easy to imagine a rock heavyweight such as Dave Grohl singing them and being proud of them. Cherri Bomb have created an album that is completely rock and roll, and how bloody refreshing it is. Free of sub-genres, free of bullshit, this is fun, accessible and catchy as the plague – as a rock fan, you need this band in your life. Get on board now, before they’re headlining their own stadium-sized shows.

Rating – 8


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  1. Sid Vicious 01/04/2012 at 9:00 am

    Cherri Bomb is OUT OF STEP!


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