Album Review: Corpus Christi – A Feast For Crows

Corpus Christi only burst onto the scene little over a year ago with their debut album ‘The Darker Shades Of White’ and here we find the band back with their follow up ‘A Feast For Crows’ but what’s different? Well firstly the line-up; the band remains a five-piece but they have since replaced four members with the only remaining member Jarrod Christman tasked with taking the band forward and forward I would say he has.

When the Christian Metalcore group released ‘The Darker Shades Of White’ last year, the album was a good listen, it was the ideal kick start to their career and critically it was praised as a debut effort. The album came out with all the fast-paced brutal momentum you would’ve hoped for but it didn’t offer anything we hadn’t already heard before. The album didn’t showcase a new era for metalcore, it worked more into the current era with a lot of pull from bands and albums before. I believed and still do believe that the best part of their debut album was in fact Jarrod Christman’s performance and to have heard that he has survived the crows feast was one of the main reasons I was looking forward to listening to this album.

Corpus Christi A Feat For Crows ArtworkHow to start; let me put it simple, ‘A Feast For Crows’, across the board, blows ‘The Darker Shades Of White’ out of the water and this, I believe, comes down to the new personnel that Jarrod has brought in.

The album builds with the atmospheric ‘The Red Horse Is Upon Us’ before unleashing a torrent of throat destroying vocals accompanied by a barrage of brutal riffs and commanding powerful drum beats with ‘A Portrait Of Modern Greed’. The band execute the combination of Max’s harsh chords with Jarrod’s clean vocals perfectly which is matched with the talented performance of other new members Derek (lead guitar), Caleb (bass) and Andrew (drums). The momentum and the drive doesn’t even flicker during ‘Monuments’ and ‘Betrayed Redemption’ as the band stand true to their honed and well worked sound.

‘Little Miss Let You Know’ supplies the proof, if you needed it after the first three main tracks of the album, that the new incarnation of the band has an unrivalled maturity beyond that of the original line-up, offering a more sound structure and impression that they are willing and capable of moving up to the next level.

While the album does bring the modern in your face metalcore that we appreciate, the band has no problem in showing their melodic side. ‘Windwalker’ makes you feel safe and comfortable as you are taken on an instrumental journey for two minutes before perfectly firing into ‘Broken Man’, another song which is testament to the skill of this line-up compared to that of ‘The Darker Shades Of White’.

The album doesn’t disappoint, never at any stage are you left wondering who Corpus Christi are, they set out to pick you up and spit you out on their path of destruction. ‘Shepherds In Sheep’s Clothing’ ends the album by bringing that destruction from your speakers to smack you in the face. Turn your speakers up full and you can feel the crows picking at the last scraps of flesh on your bones.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this album, being that they haven’t been together for a long period, this is an incredible start to their journey and I hope whatever problems existed in the original line-up don’t creep up with this line-up. The new additions to the band are in a number of ways superior to those who have now left. Each member compliments one another so well and I think that is one of the big reasons as to why this album could be a success.

Rating – 8


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