Album Review: Criminal Element – Crime And Punishment Part 1

Starting with a discussion that would not be ill suited to a rap record, Crime And Punishment Pt 1. Starts with such a ferocious beat that it’s just not possible for anyone else to be as powerful.

Criminal Element ArtworkOnce you get passed the overpowering drums there is a strong sense of respect in this band, everyone knows what they are capable and everyone keeps it on a level par, and the music is pretty good to go with it!

Criminal Element have done the one thing that’s been missing from a lot of metal records lately. They have ditched all the prog influences and replaced it with pure aggression, a maximum of 3 minutes 45 seconds, of it to be precise on the opening track ‘Backstabber’.

The album continues with the ferociousness from the start but now, everyone’s at it! The band show a real sense of unity on ‘Fading Survival’. I am strongly reminded of Fear Factory when listening to this album and anyone who knows Fear Factory will know this isn’t a bad thing!

I don’t think the band are quite at their highest levels just yet, but given that this is their first album, I expect big things from this band and would not be surprised to see them assaulting the planet with this sometime soon.

Rating – 6.5


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