Album Review: Danny Blaze – Sugar Glazed Web

The Norwegian alternative rock band Danny Blaze are out with their debut-album ‘Sugar Glazed Web’.

1. Like a Mirror
2. Where Will I Stand
3. Danny Demon
4. Zombie Love free download
5. Lost My Way
6. Nailed To the Ground
7. Makes Me Feel Alive
8. Where Only Angels Float

The first track ‘Like A Mirror’ was a great start to the album. When I first heard the song I knew that this was going to be something good. But as I listened to one track after another I found out that it wasn’t as good as I thought it would be.

The eight-track album is full of melodic and calm songs. The song ‘Zombie Love’ has a catchy chorus and you can’t help but to get carried away. While the song ‘Lost My Way’ steps into the ballad genre. ‘Makes Me Feel Alive’ is the only song that is a bit rough and heavy. But overall the album is far from heavy.

The songs have their similarities; the vocal is good, the chorus are catchy, the guitar-riffs are good, but the songs are calm. The last track ‘Where Only Angels Float’ sums up the entire album with one word; calm. After a while this calmness gets a bit too dull for my taste. It is a good album, don’t get me wrong. It had a great start and it’s full of good songs. ‘Sugar Glazes Web’ is comfortable, like teraphy for your ears. Not bad for a debut album. It shows us that Danny Blaze are a band with a lot of potential.

If you like melodic rock songs, then ‘Sugar Glazed Web’ is the album for you.

Rating – 6

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