Album Review: Delain – April Rain

Earlier this week the Delain had their debut album from 2006 ‘Lucidity’ released in the UK and with the news I was sent a copy of their latest album to experience their music. In what will be classified as a late review as it was released earlier in this year in the UK, ‘April Rain’ is the second album to be released via Dutch symphonic metal band Delain.

Now I am new to the band and I have been unable to listen to the band’s debut ‘Lucidity’ before I hit play on ‘April Rain’ though I am now keen to certainly pick up a copy. If you are new to Delain like myself the short story to their existence follows. Delain was formed when Within Temptation keyboardist Martijn Westerholt was forced to leave the band after he was diagnosed with Pfeiffer’s disease and was unable to meet the demands of their touring schedule. After he parted with Within Temptation he teamed up with unknown singer Charlotte Wessels to form Delain which would only be a studio project with no aim to ever tour. After inviting several well known guest musicians in to help record an album, the group released ‘Lucidity’ in 2006 to an overwhelming positive response which resulted in Delain removing their ‘project’ title and becoming a full time band.

Delain April Rain ArtworkAfter supporting ‘Lucidity’, Delain returned with their second full length album ‘April Rain’ and the reception from their debut was matched as the music written by Westerholt has proven that they were never a one hit band who would just fade.

As a newcomer to the band’s music with their sophomore album I do have that struggling issue of not comparing to their earlier work but as an overall album they certainly excel beyond all my expectations. The experience of Westerholt and his obvious knowledge of this genre with Within Temptation have allowed the group to start high and continue high without having to work their way up the ladder.

The obvious advantages that Westerholt gives them in experience can only give so much but Charlotte Wessels adds the perfect dimension to this band with her vocal performance. Symphonic metal bands cannot release material with just any old singer or someone who can only hit the mark now and again. When you compare them to Within Temptation, Charlotte has a big voice to compete with as Sharon den Adel is simply an unbelievable and unrivalled vocalist but Charlotte’s soaring vocals prove she is a force to be reckoned with. Charlotte is more of a grounded vocalist; she avoids the high pitched notes and has a much more sweet voice.

Their music overall is extremely strong and is much how you would expect it to be within this genre, one drawback that can be seen for many bands who are releasing an album here but Delain have released this album which still feels fresh making ‘April Rain’ a shining light. Everything comes together in this atmospheric journey from start to end to create an almost near perfect album and Westerholt and Wessels need to be complimented for the material they have written.

Rating – 8


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