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The old saying ‘teach an old dog new tricks’ came to mind when listening to the self-titled release from Dogs And Bones. While the band focuses their style on the old classic rock/blues sound, Dogs And Bones certainly have a number of tricks tucked behind their paw which they are ready to unleash.

Dogs And Bones ArtworkIt’s not often you can sit down with an album that has been classified classic rock and then expect to be hit with a wave of rockabilly, blues, motown and psychedelic influences and expect it to work but Dogs And Bones have done just that and in such an enjoyable way.

The six-track mini album brings many high points with little low for a new band. The three-piece don’t aim to over complicate their music yet keep it simple and direct while fusing several genres of music together at once. Greig McRitchie (vocals and guitar) is simply on top throughout this album. While his vocal performance is on perfect flow for the songs the band have wrote, his guitar work is stunning. Incorporating many styles, especially those long gone forgotten classic rock solos we all used to love and air guitar to; his presence on this album is a joy to listen to. Greig’s performance would have been worth nothing though if it wasn’t for the talent of his other two band mates Phil Cohen (drums and vocals) and Duke “The Duke” Carpenter (bass) both set their own trademark on this album with some quick hitting drums and impressive grooving bass lines. This is a point of the album which stands out so well, never is one member censored; you are able to pick out each members performance and easily pin point specific attributes.

When listening to this album another album came to mind; the feel of this album is similar to that of The Steve Miller Band’s new album ‘Bingo!’. Steve Miller made never hid the main purpose of ‘Bingo!’ was to serve as a party album. It was bringing together his love of blues and rock to refresh some of the classics to make a modern fun, fresh and exciting album and this is the feeling I get from Dogs And Bones. The band have which make their music more exciting and fun than much more of a band who is trying to fit into the past.

Clocking in around the 23 minute mark, if you are a fan of old classic rock riffs and solos then this will be right up your street. There isn’t much of a need to dive into what each song on the album offers as they all follow the same direction by taking a tried and tested sound and producing a fresher sound by incorporating other styles of music.

Dogs And Bones may have not come out with anything strikingly new but what they have created is an album which is extremely enjoyable and one that you would listen to many times and never get bored.

Rating – 7


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