Album Review: Enemy Logic – Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind

When I first read about, Enemy Logic I didn’t know what to expect of the four piece metalcore band from Cork, Ireland. Most of the metal I’ve heard from Ireland falls into the black pagan metal genre. So when I read there description of being a metalcore act I became interested.

The band’s first EP, ‘Bones as Armour’ was memorable because of the bands unique take on the famous ‘Ring of Fire’ by Johnny Cash. That however was the only track that really stood out for me. The band has done a bit better this time with a fair amount of filler with only a few really memorable tracks

Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind CoverMy only real complaint with the record is the excessive amount of gang vocals. Gang vocals can be a great element to a song that really help bring it over the top, however when you hear an entire band song after song; it makes the gang vocals that do work lose effect. I feel that the lead vocalist/bassist, James Cronin has a strong enough voice that it doesn’t need to be followed by a band of people yelling behind him.  As far as the rest of the album goes vocally; it is fantastic. Vocal placement fits each track perfectly which isn’t always done with metal bands (particularly grindcore, but that’s a story for another time) and I was happy to hear it done well on Enemy Logic’s debut full length.

Musically I feel that Enemy logic are still trying to figure out which direction they should go in. On one hand you have songs like the album opener, ‘The Iron Law’ where you have metalcore riffs and a few different breakdowns. These aren’t bad songs but it almost sounds like they are trying to hard to label themselves a metalcore band rather than just leave the genre up to the listeners.  While on the other hand you have more structured songs that have a melodic death/black metal feel such as ‘Dual Diagnosis’; the song has a steady keyboard playing in the back and the guitar riffs flow much more naturally.

Over all it is a fifty-fifty split. There are some great songs, however there are some songs that are by no means bad, but may be overlooked by some.  This is however a fair first full length and I will be expecting a bit more for the bands second effort which I’m hoping they have some material for.

Rating – 6


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  1. I love the album cover dude! Simple yet sick!!