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For anyone with a rough knowledge of Evans Blue history you will know instantly that they are a band capable of taking the alternative/hard rock genre by storm but if you are new to the band as a lot of our readers from the UK likely will be, here is a little break down of who they are.

In 2006 Evans Blue came out of the woodwork with their incredible debut ‘The Melody And The Energetic Nature of Volume’ which debuted at number one on the Billboard Heatseekers charts, spawning the hit single ‘Cold (But I’m Still Here)’ which reached number four in the active rock chart before going on to be nominated for a Juno award under the “New Group Of The Year” category. Riding on the incredible success of their debut, just over a year later Evans Blue returned with ‘The Pursuit Begins When This Portrayal Of Ends’ which broke the top fifty of the Billboard Top 200 when it peaked at number forty four. Since that time the band went on to sell over 700,000 albums worldwide to showcase their ability to be the next big band in this genre. Though almost exactly a year after the release of their sophomore album, vocalist Kevin Matisyn was voted out of the band by the other members due to the poor decisions he was making for the band.

Evans Blue Evans Blue ArtworkSkip forward a year, Evans Blue returned with their new vocalist Dan Chandler after an nationwide search to find the new vocalist to take them forward. In 2009 the band independently released their third studio offering ‘Evans Blue’ which was re-released this week via FOF Entertainment as the band looked to regain their slot as an up and coming band to fear.

While Dan Chandler may be the newest addition to the band, his voice fits perfectly to the band’s sound which would be open and appealing to fans of Breaking Benjamin. The album opens with ‘Buried Alive’ which comes from the darker side of the scale as the band look to take an early grip with the sound that made them the force they were in 2006 and 2007 while informing the listener what they should prepare themselves for.

Evans Blue have always had more of a dark sound to their music so don’t expect them to deviate down any paths as they utilise a similar theme throughout most of the album. The following songs such as ‘Sick Of It’, ‘The Future In The End’ and ‘A Step Back’ offer that darker sound with heavy riffs and showing that as a collective they all understand each other and that the transition of bringing Dan into the band was seamless.

‘Say It’ opens rougher, almost Three Days Grace like, and while the song starts off heavy and hard, the lifting chorus takes the edge off before they come back and hit you once again. ‘Who We Are’ and ‘Bulletproof’ both take the foot off the pedal as the band look to slow things down a little and show off the better vocal range of Dan as although he fits in well, there can be time where his vocals sound as if they are being stretched during the heavier material but here his performance in bulletproof.

‘I Blame You’ and ‘Through Your Eyes’ pick the album up again before ‘Show Me’ takes it a notch down but still injecting that strong element from the songs prior. We are treated to ‘Can’t Go On’ before we are brought to the albums final song which is the bonus song for the album ‘Erase My Scars’. Easily viewed among fans as a key favourite and one that the band have also just taken time to record a music video for, the song collects the power and passion from the album and injects everything into this one song as it comes to a close.

It’s hard to fault Evans Blue, they came out roaring in 2006, took a hit and now they are back again in full swing as they look to reclaim their spot, one that they deserve. With this release originally debuting last year before its re-issue this week, the band have already had the time to analyse what the future holds and if they continue to follow this direction then you would find it hard to doubt the success of the band in the future.

Rating – 8


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