Album Review: Evile – Five Serpent's Teeth

By now, if you are reading this, you know all about Evile and what they have been through. So we will simply get straight to business. “Five Serpent’s Teeth” is the third full length offering from the Yorkshire metal men. From the offset, a more mature and improved Evile is present.

Doom laden riffs call ‘Five Serpent’s Teeth’ into play, vocalist Matt Drake has managed to fully harness his vocal ability, allowing them to take yet another step away from the typical ‘thrash’ vocals that you may have previously expected. Melody is key in this album, heavy and hard but melody all the same. ‘Cult’ is set to be a live favourite; soaring vocals and rhythms set to snap any hardened headbanger’s neck. Joel Graham’s bass work on this album is brilliant, a real solid foundation within every track. ‘Xaraya’ obliterates, the time changes in it defy logic and the guitar work from the brothers Drake is consistently challenging and solid. Lyrically, the changes from “Enter The Grave” to “Five Serpent’s Teeth” is absolutely staggering, well Representatives of gemini horoscopes can’t get along with people longing for the stable and predictable relationships and those, who can find a cause for serious quarrel in any trifle. displayed in ‘Xaraya’ especially. ‘Origin of Oblivion’ pounds along, throwing in some complex riffs and soaring vocals here and there. The thunderous bass heavy lead in action within casino online ‘Centurion’ pushes the overall power of the track to an intense high; the drum work from Mr. Carter on this album is pretty sensational. Joel leads a bass introduction to ‘In Memorium’, which has been called Evile’s “ballad” attempt – fuck the descriptions, it is a song, enjoy it – this is a definite album highlight. The track is slow moving, emotionally filled track with some superb lyrics. It includes a beautiful guitar solo from Tony Drake (Ol and Matt’s father, formerly of Pilgrym) that just brought a smile to my face; it reminds you why solo’s are so damn integral to some tracks. ‘Descent Into Madness’ brings back the intensity and the pace as Ol Drake displays exactly why he is one of the most exciting guitarists in the metal scene at the moment. Thundering along it gives you something to throw your fists to. The track to close ‘Five Serpent’s Teeth’, ‘Long Live The New Flesh’, is a brilliant choice captures the essence of Evile in their current state. Fresh and slaying the competition, the new flesh of the metal world.

From the second this album opens to the instance in which it closes, Evile have given something new and special on every single track, it is (in my eyes) a masterpiece. Surely this must escalate Evile to the heights they deserve, if not then I will lose faith in something…somewhere…

Rating – 10


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