Album Review: Hail of Bullets – On Divine Winds

Although the New Year has passed and, Hail of Bullets is probably in the process of writing their next album; the band’s October 2010 “On Divine Winds” is definitely something worth bringing up and reviewing for EspyRock.  “On Divine Winds” is the band’s third studio album since their inception in 2006 and by far the best.

The band tells the tale of world war two through twelve songs beginning with, “The Eve of Battle” and ending with “To Bear the Unbearable.”  As far as comparing the new album to the past work of the band, “On Divine Winds” is most definitely the bands best work to date. “On Divine Winds” is an amazing mix of melody, speed and technicality.

The best part about the album is that the music gives the listener a visual of the story and chaos that is being described. The album offers an old school Death influenced sound that is hard to come across in the modern age of deathcore and hardcore.

My problem with the album lies in the vocals and this has always been my problem with Hail of Bullets. The album doesn’t provide a range of pitch when it could really use some high screaming and low screaming. He stays at a higher pitched mono-tone through the entire album which isn’t fun to hear through 12 songs.

Another problem that I have with the album is that although the music is epic and is very good throughout, many of the songs sound the same. There is little change in guitar tones and not too many different song structures. It keeps to a verse chorus verse chorus, solo etc. pattern. This pattern isn’t a bad one but to hear the same structure through almost every song gets old after a while.

This isn’t the bands best work in reference to their past two albums however it is by no means a bad release and definitely worth listening to for those who are fans of the bands past two records.



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