Album Review: Hero Destroyed – Throes

It all starts well enough, heavy guitar, strong drums, everything you’d expect from a decent metal record.

But that’s really where it all starts to go wrong. Everything just seems disjointed, the drums are completely out of time with the guitars and when the vocals kick in the timing just seems like your listening to 3 different songs.

Throes’ is only the second venture into the world from Hero Destroyed so they will still be trying to find their feet a bit but nothing seems to fit together on this album.

The album is extremely generic as well, the band haven’t found their own “x-factor” so to speak and are just recreating music that’s already been done by other, more established, acts and the quality isn’t the greatest.

The main positive I can take out of this album is that individually all the elements sound amazing, but unfortunately for the band individual talent doesn’t mean the band will be good.

Should Hero Destroyed find a sense of unity within their music then they could go on to be a really good hardcore band, but until then I’m afraid I just can’t see it.

Rating – 4


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