Album Review: I Am Abomination – To Our Forefathers

An instant winner? I think so.

I Am Abomination have a new album, “To Our Forefathers” out now and I have to say, what an album.

With a vocalist who sounds strangely like the guy from Panic! At The Disco and a sound that really sounds like a cross between Coheed & Cambria and Megadeth, never thought I’d speak those words, I Am Abomination have put out an album to be proud of.

With an opening track that will have you hooked, lyrics that simply draw you in, this album can’t be turned off easily!

Every track has a hook and grab and just draws you into it no matter what, from the pounding drums of ‘The Deceiver’ to the powerful riffs in ‘Greetings From Easter Island’ this album has something for everyone.

Being a band who haven’t hit the big time yet, this is a stellar album and if they don’t make the breakthrough soon I’ll be very surprised, if you can, buy this album!

Rating – 9

“To Our Forefathers” was released on May 11th on Good Fight Music


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