EP Review: IKnowAGhost – Deviations

Heavy and brutal. How metal is suppose to be.

IKnowAGhost have released a new EP entitled ‘Deviations’ and musically it delivers the power you expect. Showing everything you have come to expect from a hardcore metal album, heavy vocals, pounding drums and insane guitar hooks, the band show that it’s not just Hatebreed and Unearth that can do it.

There’s just one thing missing. The album lacks a sense of continuity. Every songs just feels like it should be on a different album and not clumped together on the same EP, this will translate well live but it does bring the overall quality of the album down a touch.

The EP shows that the band have the potential to go far and probably will within the world of hardcore metal, but they have not quite reached the top yet and have to go a bit to get there. Overall a very strong and powerful effort.

Rating – 7


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