Album Review: Ion Dissonance – Cursed

What a difference an album can make. After the more accessible and breakdown minded ‘Minus The Herd’, which turned many long-time fans off, Canadian outfit Ion Dissonance have made an uncompromising return to their roots, in all its noisy glory.

As soon as ‘You People Are Messed Up’ begins with some wildly atonal riffing, blast beating you into servile gratitude, you know this album is something else. The pace of this track – and every other one that follows it – is an incredible aural assault in itself.

Ion Dissonance CursedIt’s hard to pick out moments that stand out from this record, because most of it is a big cacophonous mess that’ll have you trying to headbang to about 20 different time signatures at once. ‘This Feels Like The End’, for example, starts off with a grind-inspired beat before settling down into a groovier, core-style riffing that still remains discordant. The variety of styles itself is a treat – from the sub-two minute ‘After Everything That’s Happened, What Did You Expect?’  to the six minute ‘Pallor’ which slows things to a crawl and even includes a bizarre clean vocal section.

The end result is metal porn of a different kind. Where your average tech-death tries to blow you away with skill alone, Ion Dissonance incorporate the math into the music and create utter anarchy. Just listen to ‘the bedlam of ‘You People Are Messed Up’ or the ear splitting ‘No Care Ever’ and you’ll become a disciple; it’s like moshing on a minefield. Good luck keeping your limbs intact.

Rating – 8


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