Album Review: It’s Alive – Human Resources

Alternative rock fans are treated to a mass of new bands and music coming along on a constant basis but where some bands enter the market and paddle in the shallow end to test the water, the debut release from It’s Alive, ‘Human Resources’, dives right into the deep end.

It’s difficult to imagine that the current incarnation of the band have only been playing together for two years, and with each member in their early twenties, the structure of their music is similar with what you would expect to hear when you listen to an album from an experienced band in this genre.

Its Alive Human Resources ArtworkThe album opens a great hard rock beat in ‘The Bottom’. The songs intense emotion gets you pumped from the beginning with great rhythms, melodies and emotionally struck vocals. The high driven mentality builds from ‘The Bottom’ with the bands first single, the powerful ‘Pieces’. ‘Liar’ showcases more of the anger from the band before moving into ‘Back Into The Rain’ which is filled with a little more pop to the other tracks with keyboards being an added focus to their sound. The bands style just progresses through the album on each track leaving you shocked that this young band aren’t season veterans.

While each member provides an incredible performance song after song, Zach Webb is the natural stand out man as the bands vocalist. Webb wrote the lyrics for the band and with a distinctive voice, I can’t possibly imagine another singer being able to convey the emotion behind the words in the way that he does. The rhythm and melodies brought by Clay, Juice and Eddie just complete each song perfectly.

‘Human Resources’ is an emotional rollercoaster from the anger of being cheated on, the break ups of relationships, the fight song for those who said they would never make it and also the hope which comes from the song ‘Selfless’. ‘Selfless’ is beautifully arranged and performed with a full orchestral string arrangement featuring musical prodigy Dave Eggar and Bon Jovi violinist Lorenza Ponce.

The album ends of a beautiful ballad with the song ‘Can’t Love Me’ which has been stripped right back to stand out from the previous 11 songs you have just listened to. Certainly not how I expected the album to end leading on from the previous songs but after listening to the song again it demonstrates how well the band can shift gear.

This debut is one that will make a mark and It’s Alive are sure to put their name into the hat for a force to be reckoned with when they work towards a second album and beyond. With the correct support from Wind-Up they could go very far but I am wondering what the band would produce next. With so much of their personal lives and emotion already brought out on this album, it will be interesting to find out what will drive the songs in the future.

‘Human Resources’ is truly one of the great alternative rock records you will hear all year.

Rating – 9


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