Album Review: Jimmy Eat World – Invented

Invented’ seems like a fitting title for the new Jimmy Eat World album. From the first moment of the album you can just tell it’s a new chapter in their career.

Jimmy Eat World Invented ArtworkFrom opener ‘Heart Is Hard To Find’ the band have reached into a much deeper space than before, ditching a lot of the fast pace they have used on previous efforts, including big track ‘The Middle’. You get the feeling the band have found some new influences in a sort of folk style music, sort of like Mumford And Sons.

The rock edge returns within the album, but there are no perfect mosh-pit inducing anthems in this album. Instead it seems like a personal journey the band has made that they want to take you on. And they do it well!

Even though the speed is gone, the technicality is still there, and when you include the voice of Jim Adkins, it can be quite difficult to go wrong! His voice just lends itself to everything on this album!

They may have been away a few years but the band has come back strong. It’s not really an album you’ll get on your first listen, I mean; I was really thrown at first. However, after a few listens, you start to understand and get much more into it! It’s an acquired taste not an instant lover!

With a full tour this year, the band are set to unleash ‘Invented’ on the masses and the masses better be ready to see something new!

Rating – 8


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