Album Review: Korn – Korn III Remember Who You Are

In 1994 nu-metal was born when Korn released their self-titled debut album and over the past decade and a half, Korn have continued to rule the genre as they looked to solidify their title as “Fathers Of Nu-Metal”. Though as many know over the past several releases the band would come to lose their appeal as they took to a more commercial friendly alternative metal sound and live the rock star lifestyle, which Jonathan Davis recently openly spoke out about, that would result in the bands slight downfall.

After the success of ‘Korn’ and ‘Life Is Peachy’, Korn would live nothing but a peachy life after the incredible success that was ‘Follow The Leader’ and its follow up only one year later ‘Issues’. Korn still continued to release platinum album after platinum album up until the release of their 2007 untitled album, titled ‘Korn II’ by fans and critics. This was the first album in the bands career that didn’t go platinum in the US, although it was certified gold, and didn’t receive certification from any other country while all other albums had at least reached gold in one or more countries. This was the wake up call for Korn that they could no longer ride the wave of success from their earlier work and that they had to prove they were still a force to be reckoned with.

Korn III Remember Who You AreKorn have certainly remembered who they are with the release of ‘Korn III’ as the album is a return to everything good about this band while avoiding the mistakes certainly made on their untitled release. As many have said, the band could have been forced to tone down their sound in past years by moving to Virgin Records with their influence on their sound or that the simple fact they are ageing and they wished to bring it back a little but ‘Korn III: Remember Who You Are’ is a true veterans album. There is nothing toned down or delivered in a sense that you wouldn’t instantly classify this as good as if not better than the likes of their debut and ‘Follow The Leader’.

The band have reignited their passion from the beginning of their career and using their sixteen years of experience they have come together to create this raw, aggressive album from start to finish. The heavy hitting and crunching sounds of the band’s music, the sound that you instantly identify is Korn is blasting throughout this album as they don’t look to produce anything but their best. This is a collective effort of all members in the band giving their all for one cause, to create the best album that they can.

There is little I can say about each song on the album because each song does have that classic Korn formula and never do they divert from this as they would simply only find themselves verging on dangerous territory once again. If you were ever a fan of the band during their early days before they slightly lost their way and took the wrong path then this album will pull you back in once again.

Korn are certainly back and they are back to put their mark on nu-metal for years to come. Anyone who wishes to take their crown will have to produce an album like nothing ever heard before, simply blowing he nu-metal genre to pieces to take anything away from Korn.

Rating – 9


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