Album Review: Leiana – Lucky #3

“This is a continuous process of shedding skin…rebuilding and moving forward” says singer Leiana on her 3rd album, Lucky #3. And is it third time lucky? I think it is.

Citing her influences as 1970’s British punk and SoCal hardcore scenes and with Anthrax heavyweight Rob Caggiano on board this Philly girl has developed her own sound style which she describes as “part rock, park punk, edgy, and tough, but with unyielding tenacity”

‘Lucky #3’ kicks off with ‘Nothing=You’ a riotous tune that has been chosen as the first single from the album and rightly so. Its infectious, foot tapping and has a chorus you find yourself lying awake at night humming. The video itself is a ‘must check out’ with the same animation that is used for the album artwork and a reinforcement of that catchy chorus as Leiana reminds us to ‘always root for the underdog’.

Track three, ‘Down To You’ has another infectious chorus that just begs you to sing along to it and that seems to be a common theme throughout the entire album, you just can’t help but sing along its so catchy.

‘Breathe’ appears halfway through the album and is a beautiful ballad that takes on a more melodic, pop feel, something that her vocal range is more than capable of doing, and doing well.

The penultimate track on the album is the seemingly country influenced ‘Day is Done’, it doesn’t have quite the same edge to it as the rest of the album but is a pleasant tune in its own right. I do feel this is probably the weakest track on the album and is miles away though from the final track the anthemic ‘I Don’t Wanna Be’ a song which you could imagine being belted out in arena’s worldwide and the perfect end to a stomping journey.

When you listen to ‘Lucky #3’ you can hear so many influences, Joan Jett, Bif Naked and Lita Ford (in fact, it’s worth checking out Leiana’s cover of Lita’s ‘Kiss Me Deadly’ over on the MySpace page as it is an absolute cracker of which I’m sure Lita would be proud) not to mention a smattering of The Donna’s and a hint of Girlschool.

Verdict: It’s one of those albums that you only need to hear once for it to stick in your head. Melodic, infectious and gritty ‘Lucky #3’ could be just that for Leiana.

Rating – 8


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