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Album Review: Machine Head – Unto The Locust

Back in 2007, Machine Head became the band on almost everyone’s lips with ‘The Blackening’ as they amassed huge support from journalists and fans alike. After a relentless three-year touring cycle which gained the band more plaudits for their live show, they then went off to record the follow up ‘Unto The Locust’.

The album starts in typical Machine Head fashion with a long anthemic introduction which will no doubt be used in the live environment, before thundering into what is simple a metal track.

Robb Flynn has said himself that he essentially went back to school for this record, re-learning the guitar and also taking vocal lessons. This becomes apparent throughout the album as his voice is stronger and the guitar sections are more complex, both rhythm and lead. As well as this, the band have used different techniques in this album compared to previous attempts. For example, there is the use of an acoustic guitar in certain parts of the album, and also the use of a choir of children to give a haunting effect before the start of the last song.

There are no ten minute monsters on ‘Unto The Locust’, but there are also no three minute “radio” tracks. Every track clocks in at five minutes or more, and to be honest, it’s required for every different section of the album.

However, despite being a great album, great music and even some better song writing, I do just feel as if there’s something missing. This is definitely an album I’d suggest to any Machine Head fan, but that might be it – it is a Machine Head record. I cannot see this album drawing in many new fans, which is what they need to propel them from an upper metal band to the very top of the current pile with bands like Slipknot.

Simply with this album: if you enjoyed ‘The Blackening’ and/or the single ‘Locust’ then you will enjoy the rest. If you didn’t like those, you might be as well just leaving this alone.

Rating – 9


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