Album Review: Midgar – Lead Your Children To The Sky

Without a doubt I can say that Midgar’s ‘Lead Your Children To The Sky’ is one of the best new hard-rock albums to come out since Shinedown’s, ‘The Sound of Madness.’ I took this assignment not knowing a thing about the band and by the time I thought I had enough for a review; they have turned into one of my favorite bands.  With a progressive, melodic sound that the classically influenced musicians can appreciate; Midgar has a sound for fans of all genres.

At first glance I pinned Midgar to be one of the many alternative, emo pop-punk band that the UK produces. I imagined that they would have a sound similar to the popular unsigned Page 44; although I enjoy Page 44 I was pleased to find that Midgar is quite a bit more progressive and experimental than the emo band from the midlands. Listeners get a lot of melody mixed with hard hitting punk riffs. In particular the song, “Colour Us” begins with an almost southern metal riff then transitions to a clean melody with Andy Wilson’s  voice which by the way is another plus to the album. It is seldom that even hard rock bands have vocalists that can really sing however Midgar’s Andy Wilson keeps his voice in tune throughout the entire album.

The album’s title track is a great single which features Steve Sitkowski is the best song for the min-album’s first single. Everything from the southern hard rock intro to the searing verses filled with Sitkowski’s screams and finally the melodic choruses give you exactly what the album will sound like.

If you’re looking for a heavier song without the screaming, you should listen to the perfection that is “Karmic Retribution”.  Although it begins slowly you begin to feel the emotion put into this song by the band after 30 seconds. Following the dark heavy intro comes the very well written yet eerie verse; letting you know something bigger is coming. By now you’re wondering where the big bang to the song is. Well be patient my friends all you have to do is wait 3:45 to find a breakdown (more diversity) that for a rock band is very well written.

My only problem with the album is the three untitled tracks which act as fillers between songs. I was at first confused why they had them on the record to begin with. It isn’t that they are bad tracks; they are just too short to be significant to contribute to the record. Other than that I have absolutely no complaints with “Lead Your Children to the Sky

Although I didn’t mind the song structure, some may find that the songs don’t necessarily sound the same but they do have similar patterns. Listeners will recognize this pattern as intro, melodic  verse (played in single notes) and then chorus. Even though I don’t mind the repetitive pattern, I’ve come to hear how it may not be welcome to the ears of others.

Midgar’s “Lead Your Children to the Sky” may be considered a mini-album however it will have a huge impact on their career. A mix of heavy metal and hard rock with soft melodies (and even some screaming) gives Midgar the diversity they need to attract the attention of fans all over.



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