Album Review: Murderdolls – Women And Children Last

Opening with a soft but powerful track ‘The World According To Revenge’ Murderdolls make one statement, we’re back!

It’s been 8 years since Murderdolls last put out an album and you can hear from track one how much the band have evolved since they went on hiatus when Joey returned to Slipknot and Wednesday continued with his solo work as well as things like Gunfire 76.

In recent interviews Joey admitted that the first Murderdolls record wasn’t really written by himself and Wednesday as a band, but more of a collection of songs just thrown together and that ‘Women And Children Last’ is the first time the two have written songs together. Listening through the album it’s obvious that there is a lot more unity on this album and the creative juices have really been flowing.

Predominantly a drummer, it’s kind of strange to know that Joey is the one behind the masterful guitar hooks and riffs on the album, these are defined so well in the track ‘Drug Me To Hell’ and generally just throughout the album.

Wednesday has also evolved a little, he still has the Rob Zombie-esque voice about him but he’s taken it into his own and his voice really lends itself to the gore factor that this album produces, simply, without Wednesday 13, I don’t know how this would sound since Rob Zombie is the only other vocalist I believe who could pull off these lyrics.

And as much as the band has evolved, the songs are still about the same things: suicide, rape, murder, gore, anything disgusting, it’s in this album!

My only problem with the entire album is the somewhat repetitiveness of some of the chorus’s, such as ‘Drug Me To Hell’ and ‘Summertime Suicide’ the chorus is simple and effective but it is literally just the title repeated numerous times.

Overall a very powerful album and definitely one of the best I’ve heard all year.

Rating – 9

Murderdolls Women And Children Last Artwork


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2 Responses to “Album Review: Murderdolls – Women And Children Last”

  1. I want this album bad. Heard some songs already, sounds great!

  2. Is the best fucking Album ?
    Really I love it!
    Murderdolls come to Argentina!