Album Review: Opeth Heritage

Is there no end to the creative genius behind Opeth? The answer is no. There isn’t. And we should all be very fucking thankful for that.

Heritage’ is yet another musical leap for the band that refuses to be pigeon-holed into genre’s. The title track gives a sense of what is yet to come with this album. The sombre piano intro is simply beautiful. The usual intense and quirky Opeth we know comes to life with ‘The Devil’s Orchard’ a funk-heavy song driven by bass. Surely one of the greatest vocalists in modern rock and metal, Åkerfeldt shows once again why he is so adored. He allows his lyrics to simply linger through the melody, his straightforward statement is made clear: “God is dead”. Following on from this is the Opeth Heritage Artworkincredible ‘I Feel The Dark’, the guitar work is outstanding and shows that it doesn’t need to be heavy to make an impact. Though of course, as if to prove me wrong, the track descends into some brilliant harsher tones and reminds casino online you how diverse Opeth are. ‘Slither’ sounds like a classic rock and roll riff track thrown amongst an orchestra, which works surprisingly well. The jazz influenced prog machine rolls on, with ‘Nepenthe’ and ‘Haxprocess’. Both of these songs are huge in their own rights, but both are a massive step away from It is intended to store huge volumes of hard drive data recovery service across commodity online casino servers. the Opeth people remember, no longer are the harsh vocals or constant thundering. An odd introduction draws in ‘Famine’, tribal sounding drums leads way abruptly to piano and yet more haunting vocals before the typical mad meld of riffs and drums come crashing in. This is a firm favourite of mine; its eclectic nature alone brings me joy. ‘The Lines In My Hand’ is a little bit frantic, a little quicker and something about it just doesn’t work for me, though the guitar work is pretty fantastic. The opening riff to ‘Folklore’ hooks the listener in, giving way to some beautiful flowing melodies and distorted vocals. Finally ‘Marrow Of The Earth’ comes along to close this mammoth album, and it does the job well. The bass drives this song along, with this amount of rhythm it is sure to be a live favourite and it is a definite album highlight.

I think this newly found musical outfit works well and is a pleasant addition to their catalogue of material.

Rating – 9


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