Album Review: Raunchy – A Discord Electric

“Melodic Metal”, possibly the biggest oxymoron in music, or at least one of them, maybe only eclipsed by Apocalyptica’s cello metal! However, if it is done correctly melodic metal can be done really well, but I’d always say it’s an acquired taste and generally tends to be like Children of Bodom-esque, Raunchy never got that message.

Raunchy Album Art‘A Discord Electric’ opens with lead vocalist Kasper Thomsen singing in a pitch that most singers from metal groups probably just have never even heard! The drums in the background are fitting to the metal vibe completely from the first track. However the guitars are either in perfect sync with the music and each other, or on a completely different tangent.

When the band go heavy on track two ‘Rumors Of Worship’ you can tell they are a metal band. With Kasper’s voice switching from soft and light to very powerful and deep growls down the microphone. This is where the band flourishes, they show metal to the bone and show a hardcore side to them that they need. This is slightly diminished by a softer chorus again though.

The album is a decent enough album, however the band need to stick to one side of the music, either the soft and light and go for a more Poets Of The Fall sort of sound or the hardcore side of things and stick to what they were doing there, as that really impressed me!

I hope the band can make a decision and stick to it with the music and impress me even more on their next venture into the album making business!

Rating – 6


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2 Responses to “Album Review: Raunchy – A Discord Electric”

  1. Vocal duties are split between Kasper Thomsen, responsible for the harsh vocals and Jeppe Christensen who handles the vast majority of the actual singing.

  2. pharmaecopia 27/09/2010 at 10:42 am

    That’s right, Jeppe does the clean vocals and Kasper does the screams and growls.