Album Review: Rev Theory – Justice

American Alt-Rock band Rev Theory returned with their new album Justice last week. The follow up to 2008’s huge album Light It Up.

The album opens much in the same way as Light It Up, with a track that has a much more upbeat feel to it, however where Light It Up opened with a track all about sex and having a good time, Justice opens with a track all about just plain and simply surviving, aptly titled Dead In A Grave.

Rev Theory Justice Album Art

The album has quite a few tracks like this, talking about life as a rock band, and just life in general with a sound that wouldn’t sound that out of place if it was done by much larger bands such as Papa Roach or Avenged Sevenfold. However, there are also a few slower tracks that would not sound out of place on the next Hinder album, the band have proven their worth that they know how to cover a wide spectrum.

However, as good as this is and there’s some really classics in there such as the title track and also the dark track Wicked Wonderland, you kind of feel as if the band have not really added any extra spark to their music. It just feels like a lot of the songs are regurgitated to the very same formula from the previous 2 albums with a slight change in the aggression, I like it, but I can also see that there needs to be just a little bit extra added.

In saying that, the albums best moment in my opinion comes right at the end when the band turn everything down for the beautifully eerie acoustic track Hollow Man. Listening to the entire album, I can’t see that they could have closed the album any better.

I really enjoyed this album but I just hope that the next Rev Theory album just has a little bit more of a kick and it ignites them to the global band they should be, rather than just the small-medium US touring only band that they currently are.


Rating – 7.5


Justice is available now from all good music outlets. The band are also currently headlining the Monster Energy Outbreak Tour in the United States.


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