Album Review: Rise Against – Endgame

American politically charged punk rock band Rise Against return this week with their 5th studio offering, Endgame.


Over the years the band has shown that they are not afraid to speak about the terrors of the world, and especially their own back yard of America, through their music. Endgame does not stop this style of lyricism. Frontman Tim McIlrath continuing to show that there are very much for the solutions of helping the planet and those closest to home when singing songs about touchy American subjects such as hurricane Katrina as well as the Iraq War.


Rise Against - EndgameAside from the lyrical themes that run through the entire album, the band has adopted a somewhat heavier approach to their music. The guitars seem to have been down tuned a peg or two to create a heavier, slightly darker sound. I wouldn’t go as far as saying the band are branching more into metal, but the guitar certainly is as technical and not that far from it.


Lasting just around 45 minutes the album is perfect listening for a trip on the bus (well based on my average trips) and just for general listening. However, it might take a few listens to get exactly what’s going on with the album.


And that is where a slight issue crept in for me. Every other Rise Against album has always just had a spark, or as much as it pains me to say it, an x-factor that you could click on to as soon as the album was put and within the first three songs you knew exactly whether you liked, loved or hated the album. With Endgame however it’s a bit different. On the first listen it’s a good solid album but you don’t really get the entire feel for the album, it takes a few listens before you can understand what events Tim is singing about and that it’s not just a random song, it is a song with meaning. For this reason, I think some casual listeners might struggle; but for anyone who likes Rise Against but is unsure, just listen to the title track and then the full album, you will be converted!


In summation, this is a very strong album, but it just takes a little getting used to which might stop you if you just don’t want to give an album a few spins, but I’d still highly suggest giving it those 3-4 spins over a few days!


Rating – 7


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