Album Review: Scribe – Mark Of Teja

In a genre obsessed with putting on its serious face and petulant scowl at all times, you don’t often get to hear a fun band. Scribe, though, aren’t just any old band – they’re a breath of fresh air.

Scribe: Mark Of TejaIt doesn’t take a genius to figure out these guys don’t take themselves too seriously – the album title is a gag from a 90s Bollywood film, song titles include the ridiculous ‘I love you, Pav Bhaji’ and ‘Dum Hai Toh Aage Aah!’, and anyone who has ever met the guys in person knows they’re the biggest goofs around.

What they do take seriously, however, is writing music with some of the most incredible hooks known to heavy music in India. One play of ‘RSVP’ or ‘Street Archana v/s Vice Archana’ and you’ll never get the song out of your head. Scribe is something of a supergroup, with every member having been part of an influential but now defunct metal band, and all those years of experience have been put to use on this album. Though a hardcore act, Scribe have found massive acceptance amongst metalheads precisely because they write good, fast and loud music first and foremost – genres be damned. That’s why you get an instrumental like ‘Mark Of Teja’ just before the punk vibe of ‘DemonPra’.

It is an exaggeration to call this one of the best releases by the current era of Indian metal, because it isn’t. In itself, ‘Mark Of Teja’ is merely a solid collection of catchy songs but, in the context of the Indian scene, people will almost certainly look back at this as one of the most influential releases of the decade. What Scribe have managed to do is write 14 songs that are heavy, fast and catchy, but still keep the tone light and playful. That’s a fine balance at the best of times, and will hopefully show the kids it’s ok to crack a smile once in a while.

Rating – 8


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