Album Review: Soulfly – Enslaved

Soulfly has never given me the thrill that a lot of my friends have gotten from them. However, their latest effort ‘Enslaved’ is something that caught me off guard but that is probably because I had not heard a good thrash album in 2011 or so far in 2012.

Characteristically it is very much like any other thrash band of the past but comes off with a little more power because of its timing. Had this come out in 1988 no one would have cared because bands like Slayer and Metallica were on top of the world. While those bands are still popular in their own right, Soulfly’s latest album comes at a time where Djent, Deathcore and Metalcore are topping charts.

Apart from the standard thrash formula of the trash beat, triplets and some melody, Soulfly took the time to slow things down on this album in the middle of a few songs to show off technicality in all instruments. What I find most interesting with this album is the experimentation with dissonance. Playing with fire is dangerous but playing with noise can be even more so if it is not well executed. However, the guys in Soulfly managed to pull it off by not making it excessive and only using it in places where it fits.

Taking the chance to experiment in the song ‘Plata O Plomo’ a short solo is played on a classical guitar over top a high tempo breakdown.

It is an interesting album that I wouldn’t go out of my way to listen to but when I hit random on my iPod and it comes on, I keep it on.

If you are looking for something different, ‘Enslaved’ is for you. If you consider yourself a Thrash Metal aficionado and are plugged into the underground world of thrash than this might be one you listen to a select few songs on YouTube.

Rating – 7


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