Album Review: Staind – Staind

There was a worry that Staind may not return with their seventh studio album after tensions within the band boiled to the breaking point. Luckily for us the band pushed through and used this anger and pain to create their heaviest and strongest album of their career.

The album opens with a thick bass line and a signal of what is to come with Aaron Lewis powerful voice as the band power through ‘Eyes Wide Open’. Right away the built up anger and tension that we have been reading about for weeks is unleashed and Staind unleash the animal within to showcase a band who are now back on top. Flowing into ‘Not Again’ the band keeps the intensity moving forward before stepping into ‘Falling’ (you may see this track titled as ‘Failing’ on other websites, I’m unsure which is correct as it changes depending on the source but my promo reads ‘Falling’) which has a strong Alice In Chains feel.

Staind Artwork‘Wannabe’ kicks in with a thick hard rock vibe and you certainly don’t expect the nu-metal rap which follows. This is Staind’s “fuck you!” song for their haters out there and Aaron really lets loose as he screams throughout the chorus. Aaron states he has to scream the entire song or rap some of it and it just so happened that the rap styled worked.

The next five songs on the album just flow so well from what you have already experienced. Heavy guitar riffs with a dirty grunge groove, plenty of hooks and intense, raw and emotion filled vocals which help to drive the songs home. Staind are certainly back to their very best.

After all of the intensity throughout the album, Staind strip it back to a clean guitar base and the raw vocals of Lewis for the ballad ‘Something To Remind You’. This song is the perfect ending to their new self-titled album as Lewis sings “So this is it/I say goodbye/To this chapter of my ever changing life/These mistakes/The path was long/And I’m sure I’ll answer for them when I’m gone/When I’m gone.” While the lyrics may be written with another thought in mind, you can certainly interpret them for this situation. After a long road which almost saw the band split, all of the anger and passion fuelled what can only be described as their greatest achievement to date. If Staind had never released this album then we would have missed out. Everything that occurred during the writing processed helped to make this album stronger than what it would have been without it. As they close this chapter, with the ability to now look forward to the future we can rest assured that Staind are back on form and the best may still yet to come.

Rating – 9


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