Album Review: Sugar Red Drive – Sugar Red Drive

The alternative rock market is starting to become a little crowded with debut acts arriving on the scene. This isn’t a bad thing of course, the more music the better but the problem is that a lot of these bands are churning out impressive debuts so you may get sucked into one band and miss another who have arrived to surprise you. Sugar Red Drive are one of those bands.

Sugar Red Drive Album ArtworkI received news and information about this band which I published last year, but with everything that was going on, I never took the time to check out their MySpace and such to hear more of their music. When I finally did, I realised I missed a great new band on the scene and quickly made a point of getting a copy of their debut.

Instantly Sugar Red Drive lay the ground work to show you what type of band they are with a strong heavy hitting opener with ‘Wicked Sister’. Heavy riffs, slamming drums and with some husky vocals from Archit, the band has you grasped from the opening. The momentum is kept as they push forward into ‘Velvet Leash’ which strongly brings their influence of Stone Temple Pilots to your ears.

‘One More Time’ starts off slower to the previous two tracks with the drum beat luring you into Archits strong husky powerful vocals. This song definitely allows you to listen to Archit on two levels, the grit and power before soothing his voice down for the chorus leading you into another impressive solo from Jim Knauss with a great bass line from Davey and drum beats from PJ. ‘Red Machine’ keeps the ball rolling from ‘One More Time’, the band easily flow from one song to another as they start off heavy before soothing into the more pop minded ‘Grace’.

From the heavy hard opening to the album, ‘Grace’ is stripped back to show their versatility when they want to bring down the tempo but the band take it right back to the bare bones with one of the best songs on the album ‘Miller’s Daughter’. ‘Miller’s Daughter’ which I found out was about Batman, begins acoustically with vocals being the stand out for the simple added drum beat in the background. The song builds from acoustic into an electric finish while never taking away from the spirit of the song.

Sugar Red Drive don’t want you to think they are going soft on you though with an injection of what really is their modern sound with ‘Liar’ and ‘Overdrive’. Davey keeps every song flowing and moving forward with some inspired playing. ‘In My Head’ takes you through mix of acoustic versus and a strong powerful punch choruses as the band dive into a personal loss. Ending on ‘Coming Down’ and ‘Somebody Else’, Sugar Red Drive push their heavy sound and end the album on a high.

Although this album has been out for a year now, being introduced to the band’s music and having the chance to submit some questions, I feel that they will be around for a long time. The album itself is an impressive debut. They show they are capable at both ends of the scale with great performances from each and every member.

Rating: 8


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  1. Sugar Red Drive actually has four members.

  2. I know there are four members. All four are mentioned in the review unless you are reading, by chance, off the original RSS item in which due to writing it so fast I had missed out mentions and had a few errors that I quickly fixed due to how quickly I wrote the review and published it. The RSS feed updated in mid-edit but everything, including names and some errors were fixed the same day as published.