Album Review: Sylosis – Edge Of The Earth

The word ‘potential’ is banded round a lot about new bands when they release an acclaimed debut album, but so many of them just lose all of that potential and fan base when they release the difficult sophomore album. This is the exact thing Reading shredders Sylosis set out to avoid with the release of their new album Edge Of The Earth.

The album opens relatively slow, which if you don’t know the band at all could lead you into a false sense of security, however, by the time opening track Procession reaches the 30 second mark there is a blast of pure power from the drum kit and intricate guitar skills intertwining to create a thrash beat that many of the genre’s biggest acts would be pleased with.

This is a theme that is carried through the album, the pounding drums, huge guitar riffs and intricate solos are mixed with slower breakdowns to give you just that 10 seconds of respite.

In 2010 the band had a change of members when singer Jamie Graham left the band, rather than find a new vocalist and have to brief them they decided that lead guitarist Josh Middleton would be the best man to take up the vocal slot that was now vacant.Sylosis Edge Of The Earth Having seen the band in November after the change I have to admit I was really unsure how they were going to go because the older stuff just didn’t quite sound right.

How wrong I was to be proven. The new album lends itself perfectly to the slightly more powerful voice of Josh and you can tell that this is the Sylosis line up that is going to be around for the years to come to hopefully try and break the hold that the American’s have on the crown of the biggest thrash metal bands.

The musicianship on this album is actually out of this world, based on just that this album would be a stonewall 10 out of 10 with absolutely no questions asked, however it does have one, quite noticeable degrading factor, the length.

Clocking in at over 70 minutes long this is one of the longest non-prog rock albums I have listened to in years. And to be honest, it does detract from the quality of the album. You get to around track 10 and you just think “that’ll be it, no more tracks” to discover that there is still another 4 tracks to go, and each track isn’t exactly short, the shortest track on the album is a small instrumental but with the shortest full track clocking in at 4 minutes and the longest being 7 minutes 38 seconds its relatively easy to lose interest.

I love this album to pieces, but guys, if you read this, just try and pull back the length of the next one, anything up to an hour is great but coming in at 12 minutes short of an hour and a half is pushing it a bit.

Rating – 9


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5 Responses to “Album Review: Sylosis – Edge Of The Earth”

  1. Totally agree with you. Was waiting for this album, forever. It was worth the wait..!

  2. Personally, I agree with you entirely about the length, but I find that the more I listen to the album, the more I can’t get enough! Where I didn’t want to listen to the last few songs before, I now find myself not getting nearly enough of this album! I am already looking forward to their next album, as I am sure it could potentially be even better than this one. They seem to have set an extremely high threshold for themselves – and any other band for that matter – but I think that with the fact that are constantly progressing musically as a band, they can indeed make another masterpiece, even better than this one!

  3. ITS NOT A FUCKING MOVIE! You don’t have to listen to it from start to finish. I really don’t understand the complaints about the length. The album is PURE metal genius. I have listened to this album a thousand times through and would have done the same if it were 170 minutes long. Josh is to thrash what Mozart is to classical.

  4. mometlthanu 31/05/2011 at 6:09 pm

    Anybody who says this album is too long just cant handle metal of this caliber. This isnt a flovor of the week like all this shitcore thats comin out, it’s fuckin real, and it’s been so long since people have heard shit like this that people cant swallow it, bottom line, SYLOSIS FUCKIN KILLS IT I WISH THE CD WAS LONGER!!!!!!!!!! IF YOU GUYS READ THIS MAKE THE NEXT ONE 6 HOURS OF PURE SHREDDING AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I have never said it is not a brilliant album, I think it is potentially the best album I have and will hear this year. And it is definitely one of the best thrash albums to be released in the past 5-10 years!

    However, the fact is. I, and a lot of people I’ve spoken to about the album, feel that 75 minutes is just a touch too long. An album that is the length of an average commute (bus, car, train, whatever) is about the perfect length as it means you’re not either jumping into an album with around 5 tracks to go or having to miss those last 3-5 tracks because you do not want to listen to an album like that.

    Albums that are around 45-55 minutes are the perfect length as most commutes are that length and if you either A) have the time to listen start to finish on a commute or B) don’t mind skipping into an album at any stage then by all means this album is easily a 10.

    However, for myself I felt that the length just made it lose a touch of the magic if I couldn’t listen to it all on my 50 minute journey to college each day.