Album Review: Taproot – The Episodes

I hate it when the good songs on an album don’t come in until either the fifth or sixth song. That is the case with Taproot’s latest full-length, ‘The Episodes.’ The first four songs consist of stupid alternative rock mixed with nu-metal guitar riffs that made it hard to get through the album in one shot. I was so frustrated by the first two songs that I eventually closed iTunes and didn’t try to listen to the album for another two days.

When I did plug my headphones back in and got past the first four songs, I found the fifth song, ‘The Everlasting,’ to be a great alternative ballad.  Stephen Richards voice sounds at its best during this song and the music is more interesting than any of the nu-metal riffs on this album.

Being a bass player myself, I am a little disappointed that Taproot hasn’t added any intense bass parts. The down tuned guitars in the first part of the album need to be backed by some lower tone, but it is hard to hear any lower tone in the first two songs ‘No Surrender’ and ‘Good Morning.’

It’s a step down from ‘Plead The Fifth’ but shouldn’t drive fans away like ‘Saint Anger’ did to Metallica. If you’re new to Taproot I would recommend looking into their older albums and only picking this up if you really want to spend money on a new CD.

Rating – 4


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I'm a student at the Kutztown University of Pennsylvania who is working on becoming a journalist. I have an interest in all genres of music but focus primarily on Metal, Punk, and Alternative Rock.

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