Album Review: Terror – Keepers Of The Faith

Experimentation, variation, progress and maturity are words that are usually thrown about when a band has been around for 8 years and is putting out their fifth full-length. Do LA hardcore boys Terror tick any of those boxes? Like fuck they do.

Terror Keepers Of The Faith

Like all good hardcore, ‘Keepers Of The Faith’ is a straight-up, balls out collection of fist-pumping anthems that doesn’t try to do anything except move bodies. Hardcore isn’t a genre known for experimentation, so the only way bands can carve out a niche for themselves is write catchy tunes and annihilate all-comers at their live shows. Terror have done the latter for years, and this album might just be their best collection of tunes yet.

With production so beefy you could eat the air coming out of your speakers, ‘Your Enemies Are Mine’ starts things off in atomic fashion. The great thing about this album is that along with the supercharged ‘Struggle’s, there’s a slower but heavier-than-thou ‘Shattered’. The latter probably has the catchiest riff on the whole album, while the title track keeps it every bit as true to its militant hardcore roots a you would expect from Terror, and the melodic solo in ‘Defiant’ is an interesting addition to a typically thunderous track.

Listen, destroy shit, enjoy.

Album Rating – 8


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