Album Review: Tesla – Twisted Wires & The Acoustic Sessions

Veteran American hard rockers Tesla have returned with the follow up to their 2008 hit album ‘Forever More’ with ‘Twisted Wires And The Acoustic Sessions’. ‘Twisted Wires And The Acoustic Sessions’ features a collection of acoustic remakes of some of their classic songs as well as treating fans to new material with two brand new songs to complete the twelve track album.

This album has been in works since 2005 the band entered bassist Brian Wheat’s J Street Recorders studio to record what is said to be six songs but turns out to be five with original guitarist Tommy Skeoch. After his publicised departure from the band in 2006 they brought in Dave Rude who is now the only non-original member in the band (well we say original members from the Tesla line-up who made it as there we departures before their debut album) and the band recorded seven more including two originals.

Tesla Twisted Wires & The Acoustic SessionsTesla fans will be no stranger to the band’s acoustic side after the release of ‘Five Man Acoustical Jam’ in 1990 and the good thing about this release is that they don’t repeat anything they have done before. The soulful hard rock vibe of Tesla works well when stripped down to the bare bones and Jeff Keith’s gritty voice really helps you to envision a story behind the song with the raw emotion.

The songs are what you expect them to be and that is still powerful and gritty even when stripped down. The old classics, although a few of them not being hit tracks, really make you appreciate hearing where the band has come from and comparing it with the new material it still feels fresh today. ‘Better Off Without You’, one of the new songs, really showcases the band at their best as they work the acoustic together with the plugged-in solo and Keith’s vocals really do take you on a journey. ‘2nd Street’, the other new song, is strong and has a powerful groove to it but something in the mix of this song has ruined part of the vocals were they seem to be getting tuned and completely sound out of sync compared to later on in the song where they are fine. Either way these new songs definitely represent a great new base for Tesla to build upon and it already gives a good impression about their next studio album.

‘Twisted Wires And The Acoustic Sessions’ really shows that after 27 years as a band, minus Tommy now of course, that the core is still strong and they still have a lot to give with the power and emotion felt through these tracks here. The band has probably done it all now in their career but there is still a lot more to give when you sit back and listen to the new material on this album.

Rating – 8

Track listing:

1. Into The Now (from the album ‘Into The Now’ (2004))*
2. Hang Tough (from the album ‘The Great Radio Controversy’ (1989))*
3. 2nd Street (new song)
4. Edisons Medicine (from the album ‘Psychotic Supper’ (1991))*
5. What You Give (from the album ‘Psychotic Supper’ (1991))
6. Better Off Without You (new song)
7. Shine Away (from the album ‘Bust A Nut’ (1994))*
8. I Love You (from the album ‘A Peace Of Time’ (2007) Climax Blues Band cover)*
9. Changes (from the album Mechanical Resonance’ (1986))
10. A Lot To Lose (from the album ‘Bust A Nut’ (1994))
11. Caught In A Dream (from the album ‘Into The Now’ (2004))
12. Song And Emotion (from the album ‘Psychotic Supper’ (1991))

All songs recorded in 2010/2011 by Tesla with guitarist Dave Rude except those marked with an *
*Recorded in 2005 with original member Tommy Skeoch.


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