Album Review: The Absence – Enemy Unbound

Since hearing The Absence for the first time in 2008 I have continued to listen on to their music but until now I’ve never found anything about them that stuck with me. Their new record ‘Enemy Unbound’, which is to be released 14th September, is eleven tracks of epic thrash metal that almost new listeners will identify with Amon Amarth; except a little less melodic and a little more thrash.

Enemy Unbound

The beginning of the record will give you a bit of blue balls because you think that the slow introduction to the opening track, ‘Vertigo’, will evolve into something thrasher until you realise that it is just an introduction track spanning one minute and twenty four seconds. It is a bit of a disappointment once you finally realise that your copy of the record isn’t digitally skipping and it is in fact just an opening track. However this slightly less entertaining song does lead into a whirlwind of thrash and melody titled, ‘Erased.’ Just with the rest of the album, The Absence seem to be toying with the different sub-genres of metal and bring their elements in and out of certain parts of songs. It’s almost hard to put a particular genre on this record because of the different variety of melodies and timings they use. While the underlying thrash element is there, ‘Enemy Unbound’ will definitely get the band new fans from across the board.

Another plus to the album is that it is without breakdowns! I do enjoy breakdowns but I can’t remember the last record I listened to that didn’t have a breakdown in it. Many modern thrash bands rely on the breakdown as an integral part of their sound however, The Absence have done well without it. There are slower songs and when I mean slow I mean 300 BPM as opposed to 400 BPM. I of course don’t know how many beats per minute the band plays to however I do know that one of the slower, less thrashy songs, ‘Wartorn’ turned out to be one of the most melodic, epic and well written metal songs that I’ve heard in a very long time.  This is definitely an album that is worth picking up. It still has the old elements that have won the band thousands of fans as well as some new tricks that will only broaden their fan base.

Rating- 9


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